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-- a little problem that the-- that the change, if it is a change on the path to citizenship -- >> but this is not something by somebody who misspoke. who said, "oh i said something i didn't mean to say." this is directly the opposite of what the position he had taken before and then this week, as-- or last week, he was going around doing these interviews to promote his new book, he seemed to go back and say "well no, that's not really a change." i think at best, john, he seems to have gotten off to kind of a slow start here if he is thinking about running for president, if that's what this is about. >> crashing on the launchpad if this is a 2016 run. i think the fairest and most generous explanation what he was trying to do is hit a target. he was trying to say "here's where the republican party is now. i'm going to inch them along here to a new place." what happened in the time between when he wrote the book and today is the republican party jumped over his target. they have moved faster than jeb bush anticipated they would be. so his book is not a statement of clear princi
-- and i don't understand it because it makes no sense-- they have changed. and in fact they should be out there arguing for the rights of it gun owners, protecting the second amendment but we all know that certainly people shouldn't have guns. you just don't want to to give criminals guns. it has nothing to do with the second amendment. you don't want to give people with mental problems guns who might kill themselves or kill somebody else. that makes sense. up until now it's only been the nra. they've had the field to themselveses, and what i'm trying to do is explain to the public what the issues are and then let the public decide, and there are a lot of other people that want to join in this fight and give an aisle to the nra. it's simply a question of information and we did that in illinois a couple of weeks ago where we explained to the public the views of the different candidate cans when it comes to allowing guns to be purchased by kids and drug dealers. and the public went to the polls and they voted and they vote for somebody that-- who i've never met but they voted for somebody w
the integrity and the patrimony of the faith. if you're talking about radical changes, that's not part of the job description of the pope. he's supposed to exprrv hand on intact. now, here's a big distinction. we can talk and we better talk about perhaps a more credible, convincing way of expressing those immutable timeless truths will of the church because sometimes people tell us they find those things tough to accept or tough to believe. we better think about that. we can't change the "what." we can change want "how." how we teach and how we pass it on. and that will probably be part of our conversations. >> schieffer: well, your eminence, i want to wish you the very best as you embark on this mission, and i hope you'll keep us informed. >> thanks, bob. i'll keep you informed. i'll keep you in prayer. and i've still got that coffee cup you gave me the last time i was on. >> schieffer: all the best, your eminence. and we'll be back in just a minute. >> schieffer: and we're back again with bob woodward, rana foroohar the chief washington correspondent for the "new york times." david s
changes and we are off to a cooler start. >> noticeable changes out the door at this hour. >> san francisco has mostly clear skies. >> patches of fog along the coastline. this is around the hills this morning. temperatures without the low cloud from yesterday morning. anywhere from three to 6 degrees for most of us. slipping to 39 degrees and 48 in oakland and upper 40s. for santa rosa. and upper 40s in mountain view. north brisk wind is allowing to mix out the air and prevent the clouds from forming over the bay area this morning and subtle changes taking place. >> weak system pulling through and helping to lead to the clearer skies for the morning. >> the ridge of high pressure that is our dominant feature is going to build back a little bit. and could keep the winds blowing. especially along the coastline. >> clouds remaining today. and back you up further. >> this is the system that will bring us some rain. >> it is a warmer system. >> we will in the see snow in our local hills and mountains. and we will see it up into the sierra. and jus
the beginning of the war. how people in that country say life changed. >> and a spectacular sight overseas. the volume can in this case blast that sent lava flying nearly 10,000 feet. >>> and madonna once again making a statement, a comment she made in support of the gay and lesbian community. if you like shrimp then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler! >>> it was ten years ago this tuesday that the u.s. led the coalition to iraq starting the triggering of the iraq war. a woman and her two daughters were in baghdad when the fighting began and remain there today. it professional and human rights activest could have left but chose to stay and says now she lost hope for her family and says corporation is ramped and the country is unsafe. >> the fear is different. you don't know who is in the next car. when i walk i don't feel comfortable because i feel threatened that someone might hurt me or, you know, harass me or do anything
to contact congress. >> we want to make sure you let congress know to make sensible reasonable changes. >> reporter: delivering saturday delivery is reasonable saving $2 billion. the post master general addressed the topic this week. >> we want to see the mail and you can't sit back and do nothing. >> we want to make sure they are delivered and make sure they deliver their mail on saturdays. >> of course letter carriers are hoping they will not want to give it up so bay area residents are divided. >> i feel i will go through it. >> there is some debate over weather a congressional decision requires all saturday service or just some. the postal service already plans to continue package delivery and the spokesperson said the planning will be letter service come august. i am ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> the city of stockton goes to court and if they find they have done everything possible to pay its debts, they will become the largest to go bankrupt. they plan to say that the city has not done enough to cut spending but stockton faces a
'neil. change the roles around. we can do the big deal if we have some leadership. >> schieffer: why not just keep the cuts? okay, you got want cuts that sequestration ordered. why not cope those cuts but write some legislation that says you'll glyph the president the flexibility to decide where within each of his departments those cuts will come. what would be wrong with that, senator mccain? >> first of all lindsey just gave you the number, disproportionate cuts to defense. defense is 19% of the discretionary spend the non-medicare non-social security. it's taken 50% of the cuts. and you put that on top of $487 billion, $87 billion already cut by secretary gates and you are talk about a "hollow army." if you deprive the military of the ability to train the ability to have flight hours for our pilots and air crews the ability of our people to have the right kind of equipment to fight with, then you are putting us in danger, in my view. >> schieffer: but wouldn't that be a way to start snow. >> no. >> schieffer: because you could say okay, you have to cutx number of dollars out of defense, bu
and chance for rain. i'll line up the future cast model and show you detail. >>> a big change is coming this week for commuter ons the golden gate bridge. after two years of planning the bridge will switch over to an all electronic toll taking system on wednesday. for drivers this means four new ways of paying the toll. the first and easiest option is fast track. mtc says there has been a big champ. the there is also a pay as yo go option which requires you to set up an account with your license plate and credit card number. the third option is to make a one-time payment before crossing the bridge. lastly you can get an invoice mailed to you for the toll amount due. another important reminder for drivers once the conversion goes into effect do not stop at the toll booth. since the toll takers will not be there anymore. 28 toll workers will lose their jobs as a result of the switch over. all but nine of the workers have been reassigned to other positions within the bridge district or chosen to retire. >>> 8:41. the new efforts by california investig
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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